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The movie Swing Kids really started a fire with the young people. They loved the exciting dancing, funky clothes, but most surprising, they also liked the swing music. I recently went to the music store to get a CD. As I was checking out, there were two young people in the checkout line buying a CD by Big Bad Voo Doo Daddy. The music store was also quite willing to put up a flier advertising my Lindy Hop dance classes.

In June 1998, I was contacted by a student at Arizona State University who said that early in 1998 there were about 8 students who got together to try to figure out how to learn swing dance, but they had no instructor. Still without an instructor and about 2 months later, they had over 200 students in their class trying to learn swing dance. That gives some idea as to how swing dance is starting to sweep the nation. By the way, I am now teaching several of them Lindy Hop to take back to school with them.

What is Retro Swing? Most of the young people I have come in contact with are asking for Lindy Hop lessons, so that is what I teach for Retro Swing. Some other dance teachers are teaching East Coast Swing or West Coast Swing using Delayed Single Rhythm Units (Kick, Step) or are using Single Rhythm Units (Step, Hold or Step, Kick). Definitions of these terms can be found Raper's Dance Dictionary.

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