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Dance Lesson Introduction

By: H. Leon Raper

This is a 2-3 minute presentation.

General Information

Teaching Technique

The Universal Unit System (TM) and my own methods are the source for the teaching techniques used here.


These techniques will apply to any social dance.


Wear leather soles or shoes with a sole that will not stick to the floor - not tennis shoes and no open toed shoes (you can get injured with open toed shoes).


As you like, but don't hide your feet - preferably no long dresses.

Chewing Gum

Spit it out. It is difficult enough to get people to follow the rhythm of the music without having to deal with gum chewing rhythms.

How We Learn

Muscle Memory

Examples: Developing a Golf Swing, Baseball Swing, Tennis Swing, playing an Instrument, etc.

Developing Habits: Right vs Wrong

It is much easier to learn correctly than to learn incorrectly and then try to correct problems. It takes at least 10 times longer to correct a problem than it does to learn something correctly in the beginning.


Are you really doing what you are being taught. You must learn to focus your attention so you can learn what you are being taught. There may be several different things to think about, but your mind can only focus on one thing at a time. So, from several elements, pick only one element at a time on which to focus and work on that one element. Then choose another element and turn your focus to perfecting that element. If you are confused, ask the instructor for help to make your selection.

Mental Conversion

Don't convert this instruction to methods taught by others. Learn these techniques.

It Doesn't Feel Right

Neither does learning a golf swing until you have perfected it. Then it feels real good.


There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Nobody ever died from taking a dance lesson. Not even a mild heart attack. But what if I can't do it?: You won't die. Quitters are the only ones who don't learn something.

Ask Questions

Ask any time. Many others probably want to know the answer.

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