Swing Dance Club Name

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The intent is to obtain an establishment for the Swing Dance Club to meet and dance.  Hopefully the following will help in dealing with a location owner or manager.  It is advisable to give the following to the location owner or manager so there are no misunderstandings as to what the Club needs and what the Club will provide.  Also, it is recommended that the club does not offer to pay for the location if it is a night club.  The night club will make income from participants at the Club dances.


The operation of a Swing Dance Club is more complex than many small businesses.  The Club requires a full board of directors and many assistants to properly accomplish all the tasks required to run the Club.  The following are items to be supplied by the Establishment and the Swing Dance Club:



Provides location & staff to accommodate night club patrons.

Provides private entry to Club members and Club guests only.

Provides happy hour prices on drinks.

Provides sound system.

Provides fans to circulate air.



Swing Dance Club

Provides a non-profit dance club, including full board of directors.

Provides Club members and Club guests as patrons

Provides dance music.

Provides dance instruction (free with admission).

Provides Club cashier and retains admission fees.

Provides a free periodical newsletter to all members and guests.

Provides promotional cards for members and guests to give other potential patrons.

Provides free publicity for the establishment due to the non-profit nature of the Club.

Provides a Hospitality Committee to make sure people feel welcome and enjoy themselves.

All members pursue new members, patrons of the establishment.

Will be listed in the newsletters of out-of-town swing dance clubs.

Will produce special events.

Retains admission fees charged.