The following are a sample of articles of incorporation for a dance club in Flagstaff, Arizona

Articles of Incorporation


Dance Club Name

Articles of Incorporation of the undersigned, a majority of whom are citizens of the United States, desiring to form a Non-Profit Corporation under the Non-Profit Corporation Law of Arizona, do hereby certify:

Article I: Name.  The name of the Corporation shall be:  Dance Club Name, Inc.

Article II: Location. The place in this state where the principal office of the Corporation is to be located is in the Flagstaff, Coconino County, Arizona.

Article III: Purpose. The purpose for which this Corporation is organized is the transaction of any or all lawful business for which nonprofit Corporations may be incorporated under the laws of the State of Arizona, as they may be amended from time to time.

Article IV: Character of Affairs. The Corporation intends to promote Swing Dancing including the teaching thereof and to conduct social events to stimulate interest therein.

Article V: Maintenance of Exempt Status. No part of the net earnings of the Corporation shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributable to its members, trustees, officers, or other private persons, except that the Corporation shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the proposes set forth in Article V hereof. No substantial part of the activities of the Corporation shall be carrying on of propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, and the Corporation shall not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distribution of statements) any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office. Notwithstanding any other provision of these articles, this Corporation shall not, except to an insubstantial degree, engage in any activities or exercise any powers that are not in the furtherance of the purposes of this Corporation.

Article VI: Dissolution. Upon the dissolution of the Corporation, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose. Any such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by a Court of Competent Jurisdiction of the county in which the principal office of the Corporation is then located, exclusively for such proposes or to such organization or organizations, and said Court shall determine, which are organized and operated exclusively for such proposes.

Article VII: Statutory Agent. The name and address of the initial statutory agent of this Corporation is:

Agent's name
Flagstaff, AZ 86001.

Who has been a resident of the state of Arizona for six years preceding the filing of the Articles.

Article VIII: Directors. The initial Board of Directors shall consist of four (4) persons. The names and addresses of the persons who shall serve as directors until the first annual election of directors or until their successors are qualified and elected are:

 Name of President
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Name of Vice President
Flagstaff, AZ

 Name of Treasurer
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Name of Secretary
Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Article IX: Director Liability. The Corporation shall indemnify any and all of its Officers and Directors against expense incurred by them, including legal fees, judgments, or penalties rendered or levied against any such person in a legal action brought against any such person for actions or omissions alleged to have been committed by said person while acting within the scope of his/her election or appointment as an Officer or Director of the Corporation: provided, that the Board of Directors shall determine in good faith that such person did not act, fail to act or refuse to act willfully or with gross negligence or with fraudulent or criminal intent in regard to the matter involved in the action or omission.

Article X: Incorporator. The Incorporator of this Corporation is Name, Address., Flagstaff, AZ 86001.

DATED THIS        DAY OF                                ,  1993

Incorporator's Name, Incorporator

I, Name of Statutory Agent, having been designated to act as Statutory Agent, hereby consent to act in that capacity until removed, or resignation is submitted in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes.


DATED THIS        DAY OF                                ,  1993

Agent's Name, Statutory Agent