Ladies - How To Impress Your Partner

By H. Leon Raper

The first thing you should tell the man is: "I can follow anything if I have a good leader." It will set his mind at ease knowing he is going to have a wonderful evening of dancing. Be sure to use your best dance technique: Keep your arms limp. Keep your feet far apart in your turns so you won't get off balance. Try very hard to figure out what he is going to do next so you can help him. Don't turn under your own power, allow him to crank you. Make sure your anchor shifts your weight in the opposite direction to your next direction of movement; this will allow him to show you his forceful lead. Don't stay in the slot; show him your most creative moves. And, last but not least, be sure to dance around him, don't make him move out of your way in the slot; it is the courteous thing to do. NOT!!!

(Published in Flagstaff Swing Dance Club, Inc. Newsletter, July 1994)

(Published in NTA (National Teachers Assn.) Newsletter, September 1994)

(Published in Albuquerque Swing & Country Dance Club Newsletter, Sept. & Oct. 1994)