Gentlemen - How To Impress Your Dance Partner

By H. Leon Raper

In addition to wearing a very strong cologne, show her your powerful masculine machismo, and that you are in total control. Force her through every step pattern. Keep her off balance, so when she starts to fall you can be her hero and save her. Be sure to crank her good in her turns to insure that she executes them properly. Don't use a light lead, be sure to jerk her boldly so she knows exactly where you want her to go. If she is a beginning dancer, be sure to lead her through all the material you know. She will be overwhelmed by your knowledge and assuredly want to return to learn more. And, don't forget to tell her about every mistake she makes. She will know you are only trying to be helpful. NOT!!!

(Published in Flagstaff Swing Dance Club, Inc. Newsletter, July 1994)

(Published in NTA (National Teachers Assn.) Newsletter, September 1994)

(Published in Albuquerque Swing & Country Dance Club Newsletter, Sept. & Oct. 1994)